Write on! Reading and Writing Festival
6 September 2018

Westbourne places a great emphasis on reading for pleasure so this year for our Reading and Writing Festival we decided to focus on writing activities. We went right back to old school writing and the highlight of the week was the Poetry Typewriters and the Calligraphy pens.

Students had no idea how a typewriter worked. Why you line the paper up to the left, how to get the capitals working, why is there no 1 and how do you get the ribbon to reverse? were some of the problems solved by trial and error. Poems were left as prompts and students sometime used these, sometimes made up their own.

The calligraphy pens made students question how they hold a pen and how to do cursive script. Some 1940s Showcard Writing Handbooks were available for inspiration.

There was aslo a very fun literary quiz where six teams faced off to prove they had the best eclectic knowledge of Young Adult literature, Australian Literature and Harry Potter. Teams were sugared up with Butter Beer and tempted with Bertie Botts Beans between rounds. The winning team won by half a point.

Finally there was a Writing Workshop where aspiring writers could write for their own pleasure. No teachers, no correction, all good fun!

It has been fun to hear the click clack of the typewriters all day and student interest surpassed all expectations.

Catherine Ryan – Teacher Librarian