Youth Adventure Challenge 2018
18 October 2018

Lake Mountain Ski Resort was the location for the Rogaine event scheduled for day one of this year’s challenge. After a very early start to the morning, students were left to navigate their way around the high country trying to find as many markers as possible within a set time frame. The challenge is choosing your course correctly to maximise points and time. All Westbourne teams were very successful with the day covering approximately 20kms and finishing mid-range on the leader board.

Day two had teams being transported to an unknow start location ready to begin one of the biggest challenges of this year’s event. A change to the format meant teams would be completing in a 52km multi-sport race. Starting in Eildon would run 4km, paddle 11kms, run/hike 12kms and finish with a 25km bike ride. All Westbourne teams did themselves proudly not only completing the course but completing well under the estimated time event organisers thought they would. At the end of the day all teams were mid-range to lower down the leader board.

After a very big sleep to recover from the last two days, the final team challenges and problem solving event was held at Camp Jungai in the Rubicon Valley. There were three activities this year with the first activity being a raft build and then to maximise points teams had to light a fire and transport various items on their rafts. Activity two involved teams climbing a high ropes course to find various items, travelling up and down as much as possible to maximise points. The last activity was a blindfolded team event that involved packing up a camp site, carry all equipment in backpacks thorough an obstacle course to then set up the camp in another location. A very big mention to the team of Molly, Olivia, Orlando and Will as they won this challenge day beating all other teams.

Overall our best placed Westbourne team finished fifth with the two other teams coming in further down the leader board. In order of most successful teams and

Team One: Olivia Yacono, Will Snelling, Molly Sutton, Orlando Szulc (2162 total points)

Team Two: Aiden Tester, Navdeep Singh, Gabriela Moraes, Natalie Panoutsos (2141 total points)

Team three: Robert Weitsz, Anthony Nguyen, Cassandra White, Ebony Dodemaide (1751 total points)

I would like to congratulate the Westbourne teams on the manner in which they conducted themselves and the effort they put in to complete all challenges over the weekend.

Jeff Rieniets – Director of Outdoor Education