Westbourne Grammar

International Science Olympiads

In August, nine of Westbourne Grammar’s high achieving Year 11 Science students undertook the Australian Science Olympiad Examinations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and our students performed extremely well.

Congratulations to Andrew Stainsby who was awarded a Gold Medal in Biology. Andrew has now been selected to attend the elite Australian Science Olympiad Summer School, having achieved an outstanding performance in the qualifying exam, in which 3,000 students took part. Andrew will now join 70 of Australia’s most talented Science students at this intensive residential program to earn a spot representing Australia at the 2014 International Science Olympiads. Congratulations also to James Pallasis who too was offered a place in the Summer School, however, as he will be in Japan at the time, he is unable to attend.

The Summer School is held at Monash University’s Clayton Campus in January 2014.

Executive Director of Australian Science Innovations, Ms Lillian Lesueur, believes the Summer School will challenge the students like never before. “This program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in science and share the experience with like-minded peers”, Ms Lesueur said. “Not only does it provide a wonderful academic experience which can provide great rewards, many students go on to form lifelong bonds with the friends they make at Summer School”. The students live on Monash University’s campus and with Australian Science Innovations Program staff, have access to lecturers, tutors, laboratories and support staff to help hone their theoretical and practical science skills. During this rigorous program students learn the equivalent of a first year university course in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Based on their performance at the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School, 13 students are selected to represent Australia at the International Science Olympiads in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is here that Australia flexes its scientific muscle and competes against 80 countries to win Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.

Congratulations also go to James Pallasis (11P) who earned a Gold medal in Chemistry. Distinctions were achieved in Biology by Sarah Fenn (11D), Sasha Hall (11S) and Yvette Gasser (11D). May Tran (11F) achieved a Distinction in Physics. Credits were awarded to David He (11D) in Physics and Andrew Stainsby (11S), Christine Deng (11M), Matthew Howe (11D) and Sarah Fenn (11D) in Chemistry.

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