A Passion for Conservation Inspires Year 9 Student
12 March 2021

Strongly committed to the causes of environmentalism and sustainability, Year 9D student, Elliott Hull, has become part of Ocean Youth, a conservation group which aims to build awareness of the importance of our oceans and the marine life in them. As a part of this organisation, Elliott has had the opportunity to work with fellow conservationists from around the world, including documentary film makers and leading scientists and biologists. He has seen the amazing things people are doing to care for our oceans and this has inspired him to create his own project OceansFeed.

Elliott’s vision for OceansFeed is centered on developing an online forum which will make Australia’s underwater marine worlds more visible and accessible. As he says, the project ‘will include daily newsfeeds, information about marine animal adoption, promotion of marine tourism, forums for people to post their ocean endeavours, current research initiatives and much more.’ Working proactively in conjunction with the heads of sea life aquariums and associated networks throughout Australia, Elliott has successfully pitched his idea to a board of ocean conservationists – and was given ‘the thumbs up to take this all the way.’

OceanFeeds Fundraising