Class of 2018 Dive into Our New Pool
18 October 2018

Some very exciting news about Westbourne’s new sports and aquatic centre!

As everyone in our extended school community is aware, having our own pool has been a long-held dream – one that became fully realised when early last week our Year 12 students were given the opportunity to ‘christen’ the pool.

For me personally, to see the new facility and our Class of 2018 enjoying their first ever swim in it was a truly inspiring experience. I want therefore, to congratulate the Board for their vision for our school and its students – present and future –  and their total commitment to this important educational project.  From its inception, their oversight has been generous and wise.

The idea of having our own pool was first proposed in the early 1980s but was deferred when other learning needs became a priority. In hindsight, the delay was advantageous as Westbourne not only has its own indoor twenty-five metre pool, but also a learn to swim pool and additional facilities that include a state-of-the-art dance studio and weights room.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many staff who have completed training as life guards. They are vital to our operations.  At this stage, the pool will not be a general recreation pool, as we will, at some stage next year, be developing a swim school and begin operating a sub business within the precinct. We will, of course, be keeping our community informed of further developments as they occur.

Finally, I wish to thank the multiple staff who assisted us in the early stages with the architect’s brief, Andrew Croxon, our architects, Building Engineering, builders, Robert Tueno, project manager, and of course Paul Donnellan, Errol Tongs and Katherine Yee who walked this journey with me to its completion.

We will be holding the official opening of the new sports and aquatic centre in February 2019.

Meg Hansen – Principal