School Leaders 2022
4 February 2022

Along with the Head of Verdon Campus, Emma Woodall, I wish to very warmly congratulate those students (photographed) who have been appointed as our Junior School leaders for 2022. Following a rigorous process in Term 4 last year, where a significant number of Year 5 students had the courage to invest time and effort to work through submitting detailed applications, making presentations to their peers and being involved in voting formalities, a short-list of candidates then proceeded to be interviewed by key staff, before final deliberations were made.

What pleasingly came out of this process is that we have an outstanding group of leaders who will make excellent role models for students across the Junior School. Additionally, we have a substantial number of other students who will be able to lead in a variety of other roles throughout 2022. Indeed, all our Year 6 students understand that they have a role to play as leaders within our Junior School. Once again, I congratulate our 2022 Junior School leaders (listed below) and I look forward to the very valuable contribution I have no doubt they will make over the coming 12 months.

Paul Barklamb – Head of Junior School

We are delighted to introduce our student leaders for 2022. The prefect’s group is comprised of the School Captains, Vice captains, House Captains, International Students Liaison Captain, Sport Captains and Music Captains.

Committed to fostering an environment of acceptance, the student leaders are determined to work as a team to enhance the Westbourne experience for our student community. They have already embarked on a wonderful leadership journey by working closely with our year 7’s to facilitate a smooth transition into the Senior School.
Amrita Ahuja – Acting Head of Senior School